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Gahanna Animal Hospital 144 W Johnstown Rd Gahanna, OH 43230 Phone 614-471-2201, Fax 614-471-1907
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Puppy Training at Gahanna Animal Hospital
Puppy Training at Gahanna Animal Hospital

Owning a new puppy can be a very rewarding time in your life, but, it can be difficult and challenging as well. When you get a new puppy, expectations, can sometimes be unrealistic. That Is where Gahanna Animal Hospital comes into both of your lives.

We will help you as a new owner, to bring expectations into perspective quickly and effectively. We will give you the tools needed to introduce your puppy to your home and family. Our four week course is designed to give you the knowledge needed to train your puppy in many different aspects. This will lay down the foundation of a well balanced relationship between you and your puppy.


Socialization Crate Training
House Training Behavioral Issues
Obedience Nutrition
Veterinary Care Grooming Tips


The cost for our four week training course is $85.00 This amount includes a Mother's Helper training lead and training manual. All members of the family are encouraged to come to class – especially children. We start the training process ideally when puppies are 7 weeks old. The age of 7-12 weeks is when puppies do most of their learning and develop life-long behaviors. The puppies need to be current on vaccines for their age. Required vaccines are Distemper combo and Bordetella. Rabies vaccinations are given at 16 weeks of age.


The classes are limited to eight puppies, so we suggest signing your puppy up for class as soon as you make the decision to enroll. Payment is due at the time of enrollment. Call our office for upcoming class dates.


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